Book Club

During term 2 a Julia Donaldson Book Club took place in The Woodland Library, every Monday after school, for children in Key Stage 1.
Each week Mrs Richards shared a different story written by Julia Donaldson. After a discussion the children created something from each story, including: a split pin Gruffalo's Child, a paper plate ladybird (What the Ladybird Heard Next) a Gruffalo mask and a magic biscuit wand (Room on the Broom.) We also watched one of the stories on DVD!
The children thoroughly enjoyed the Julia Donaldson book club -
"Book club is my favourite club because you get to read and then make the characters!"
- Ava (Year 1)
"I had so much fun making the Gruffalo's child. We used a piece of paper, some colouring pencils and 4 pins. It was really good!"
- Oisin (Year 1)
"I enjoyed decorating the biscuits because I like decorating stuff!"
- Rory (Year 2)