Class News

Art Day – Wednesday 4th January 2023

Today, we have looked at the artist Keith Haring. We discovered that he created most of his artwork to inspire children and adults all over the world. His artwork was of a cartoon/graffiti style, and he loved to include illustrations of babies, dogs and people dancing in his artwork. We created factfiles on him as an artist, and made our own collaborative class piece of art by replicating his work. We also went outside and drew with chalk in his artistic style, as this is something that he did on the pavements of America! In the afternoon, we made our own Haring-inspired work by splitting a page into 4 parts and creating our own cartoons/drawings. We created an outline around our cartoons to really make them stand out against the backgrounds.

Friday 16th September
This afternoon, Year 4 were very busy getting a taste of games that Victorian children would have typically played. We played giant snakes and ladders, penguin skittles, hoops, quoits, croquet, boccia, noughts and crosses and skipping! It was hard to pick favourites, but penguin skittles, snakes and ladders and boccia were very popular. We had a great afternoon, grown-ups included!
Friday 9th September was our WOW day for our Queens, Canes and Contraptions topic. We learnt that in this topic we will look at lots of Victorian things such as Queen Victoria (Queens), Victorian schools (Canes) and Victorian inventions (Contraptions). In the morning, we made some ice-cream. Cucumber ice-cream was a popular food in the Victorian times but we made chocolate chip! We watched a video and saw a grand house where the ice-cream was one of their many courses of food. They had to go to an ice-house because electrical freezers hadn’t been invented. Then, we made an Owen’s monitor so Mrs Dowling could tell us if we were working hard enough. In the afternoon, we made a thaumatrope which was a popular toy from the Victorian era. We followed instructions to make one, and then created our own. Finally we looked at Queen Victoria and created some portraits of her using different artistic styles.