Class News

Friday 10th February - Times Table Rock Stars Day
Friday 6th January 2023
Year 1's topic in Term 3 is all about how dangerous baking can be. The children made baker hats and we discussed the dangers of baking e.g.; oven is very hot. The children watched a video on how to bake cookies. We spoke about hygiene and what we needed to do before baking – wash our hands and clean the tables. The children used scales to tell the adults when to stop adding the ingredients. The children mixed the ingredients together and put their cookie mix onto the baking trays. They were very yummy!
Wednesday 4th January 2023 - Art Day
On Art day, Year 1 focused on the French artist, Henri Matisse. The children learnt how to say his name in French. We found out when and where he was born – 1869 in France. We found out when he died and how old he was – 1954 and he was 84 years old. The children practised using Henri’s technique with warm and cool colours in a collage format. The children recreated Matisse’s Snail artwork and had a practise of doing their own minibeast artwork. 
On Friday 16th September, Year 1 had their WOW event to introduce our topic of Pirates. We dressed up as pirates for the day. We used a pirate ship and toy pirates to get into our roles and speak like pirates. We danced like pirates and went on a treasure hunt to find treasure on the X marks the spot! We had an incredible day.