Spelling Practise

Spelling words help lay the basic foundation that your child will need throughout their education and life.

Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps establish the connection between sounds and letters. Learning high frequency sight words also has been shown to help with both reading and writing. This is why children learn sight words during their early years. 


Children should be relaxed about spelling; if not, it will inhibit their writing and they will be less willing to write. A good way to practise spelling it through different activities each day - little and often.  


Below are the lists of words each year group needs to learn to read and spell. These are from the National Curriculum. There is also a set of spelling rules. Children are taught these in their spelling lessons as they move through the school. There is also a set of practise cards to give you different ideas of how to practise spellings so the children don't get bored.