Parents Introduction

Woodlands want to hear what you have to say.

Your opinions and ideas are important to us: send us an e-mail or letter, ring your Academy office or make an appointment to see a member of staff. Let us know what is going well or what could be even better and of course, we are happy to answer any question you might have.
Arrange to see your child’s class teacher
We encourage parents of all our pupils to keep in close contact with the school – it’s nearly always possible to speak with the class teacher for a moment or two before or after school, just check with the office first or catch them on the gate. A longer discussion can be arranged within a day or two, these are useful if you have a specific question about their learning or there is something you feel we need to know. Parents’ evenings are held twice a year – once in the autumn and another in spring. At these meetings you can find out about the work your child has been doing, what they do well and enjoy and what their targets are. There will also be opportunities to look at their books.  Following the Annual Report, which is sent home in July you can arrange to see your child’s teacher to discuss the content of this and ideas to support your child during the summer holidays in preparation for their new year group.
Letters and Messages
Letters and e-mails are often sent home regarding trips, other special activities your child will be involved in and information. We also use the Teacher2Parent texting service  to keep you informed and to send messages. Please look out for these.  More and more we prefer to communicate electronically so please keep an eye on the website and ensure we always have your up to date e-mail and telephone number.
Speak to the Executive Headteacher or your Head of School
School leaders or specific staff will provide you with information about the whole school and help create the essential home/school link which enables your child to succeed and meet their potential. All issues are treated sensitively and appropriately and your thoughts and ideas can help Woodlands continue to improve. If it is difficult for you to visit watch out for questionnaires and surveys or put a note in your child’s reading folder. Newsletters are sent home regularly and these are always posted on our website. If you have ideas for items parents would find useful to be published in newsletters please let us know.
Have you completed the Parent View survey? This gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about Woodlands. It asks for your opinion on a range of aspects of school life. You are also able to view the results of the survey as it has been completed so far. The information, alongside an analysis of our results and the progress made by the pupils is used by Ofsted inspecting the school.
This section of the website also informs parents of the complaints procedure. Complaints are rare and in 99% of cases a face to face conversation or a telephone call can sort out any concerns effectively. There is a complaints procedure which begins with a formal complaint made to the Head of School in writing; they will then provide you with the information about any further paperwork and next steps including the involvement of the Governing body. A copy of the Complaints Procedure we use across the MAT can be viewed in the Policies section of this website.