Teaching Reading at Woodlands

At Woodlands we aim to develop a lifelong love of reading in our children. Children are read aloud to regularly; learn a wide range of reading strategies in whole class Active Reading sessions; complete reading comprehensions linked to genres and topics; read individually to an adult every two weeks and take books home to read with their family.

Pupils will be given a range of reading opportunities each week.

Active Reading-

At Woodlands Academy children are taught a balance of reading strategies through Active Reading (see English Reading progression document).

Active Reading takes place at least 3 times a week with one strategy being taught each week. Once all strategies for the year group have been covered, they will be revisited to embed the strategy further and push the pupils’ learning and reading forward.  Active Reading is taught from Early Years through to Year 6.


It is expected that regular comprehensions are taught as part of English. These may or may not be linked to a specific genre or text.

  •          Comprehensions can be published or written by teachers.
  •          During reading comprehensions pupils will have opportunities to apply the reading strategies taught during Active Reading.
  •          Comprehensions should include questions that cover some or all of the specific reading objectives and cover a range of text types, fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  •          Standardised comprehensions will be used to test children 3 times a year (end of Terms 2, 4 and 6).

Individual reading-

When hearing readers we ensure the atmosphere is purposeful and that the child feels comfortable. There are dedicated reading times for all children across the school, with targeted readers identified and heard read more frequently.  Reading Diaries are used as a key tool for communicating reading with parents.  

Accelerated Reader-

From the end of Year 2 up to Year 6, pupils’ individual reading books will be taken from levelled accelerated reader books. At the start of the year, pupils in KS2 will take a star reader test to determine which level books they should be reading. They will be given a ZPD level range to select books from.

As soon as a pupil has finished their book they must take the quiz online. 

At regular points throughout the year pupils will retake the star reader test to be given a new ZPD range.

Karate Reader-

For every 25 reads completed at home and recorded in their reading diary, pupils can earn coloured karate reading bands that they can wear to school. These will be presented in assembly on a Friday.

White band ~ 25 ‘reads’    Yellow band ~ 50 ‘reads’  Orange band ~ 75 ‘reads’

Green band ~ 100 ‘reads’  Blue band ~ 125 ‘reads’     Brown band ~ 150 ‘reads’

Black band ~ 175‘reads     Dragon status ~ 200+ reads