Year 2 - SS Great Britain

21st June 2022

Year 2 had the most wonderful day visiting the SS Great Britian. We had a bit of free time in the morning when we arrived so we took a tour "under water" to have a look at the propeller of the ship. It was amazing to look up and see the water! We then had a lovely tour around the ship with a tour guide, Mark, and he showed us what life was like on the ship in the Victorian times for both the third- and first-class passengers. We loved seeing how realistic the mannequins looked and how authentic the smells on the ship were aswell. We then had a lovely workshop with another crew member, Wendy, and she had prepared lots of activities that the Victorians would have got up to during their time on the SS Great Britain. We loved dressing up, playing with the Victorian toys as well as trying out writing with dip pens!
What a fantastic day it was for both the adults and the children!