When pupils start at Woodlands Academy they are allocated one of four houses which they proudly display on their school sweatshirts.

The houses are:

Elm: First appeared in the Miocene geological period about 20 million years ago, originating in what is now central Asia. These trees flourished and spread over most of the Northern Hemisphere. Many species and cultivars were also planted as ornamental street, garden, and park trees in Europe, North America.

Chestnut: Sweet chestnut is the only European species of chestnut, though it was successfully introduced to the Himalayas and other temperate parts of Asia.

Beech: Beech bark is extremely thin and scars easily. Since the beech tree has such delicate bark, carvings, such as lovers' initials and other forms of graffiti, remain because the tree is unable to heal itself.

Oak: Oaks have spirally arranged leaves, some have serrated leaves or entire leaf with smooth margins. Also, the acorns contain tannic acid, as do the leaves, which helps to guard from fungi and insects.