Academy Improvement Plan

School Development Plan

The Woodlands Academy Improvement Plan sets out the strategic development that will take place over the next year within a three year overview.

Priority one is all about developing the curriculum. This year we will be finalising the new Woodlands Curriculum which impacts most on the Maths and Computing taught in each year group so they are in line with the new National Curriculum. There are major changes in the assessments we carry out as well so children will be taking new tests as well as focusing on and responding to teachers’ marking by editing and improving their work. As the school invests heavily in more hardware and accesses more software technology is being used more and more to support learning across the curriculum and as a subject in its own right where 'coding' is taught across the school.

Priority two focuses on the social and emotional development of our pupils. As a Rights Respecting School we continually focus on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. All pupils learn about these rights and develop the ability to take responsibility for all their peers and children across the world to have their rights too. The Healthy Schools initiative continues to be high profile, this year focusing on healthy eating and exercise, as part of this our sports apprentices are running a Change4Life club. Our Eco team and the School Council continue to take a more leading role in influencing the work of the school. We also keep safeguarding high on the agenda; currently a specific focus is e­safety and ensuring all staff have completed the ‘Prevent’ training is about safeguarding our pupils to keep them both safe and within the law. The Prevent Duty is not about preventing children from having political and religious views and concerns but about supporting them to use those concerns or act on them in
non­-extremist ways.

Priority three is all about improving further the communication with anyone involved with or interested in our school. Updating our website and adding to our Twitter feed continues to be a major focus as well as updating our parents' e­mail contacts so we can communicate this way more effectively. Our teachers are being exposed to additional training opportunities through the new links we have made with other schools both local and more distant, we also run 'in­house' training to learn from each other’s' expertise. The Woodlands Governors take opportunities to train from the Governor Development Service and we are building on our programmme of learning walks for all governors to visit the school. Finally we are researching ways to develop stronger links with the community, if you know of a business or facility which would like to be involved with Waycroft please let us know.