Spelling Bee

5th July 2021

Spelling Bee 2021

During the week of the 28th June, years 1-6 took part in the first Woodlands Academy Spelling Bee! In class, the children had a go at written heats and from there 3 finalists from each class were decided. In some classes, they needed to have further heats as it was so close.

On Friday 2nd July, Years 4-6 had their finals and, on Monday 5th July, Years 1-3 completed theirs. We were fortunate to have good weather so we had them outside on the school field.

Each contestant was given spellings, from their year group list, that they had to spell by saying the letters out loud- they were not allowed to write anything down!  Each finalist was amazing and, in every year, the teacher had to use spellings from the list from the year group above!

Well done to all finalists and winners!


Year 6-

1st - Lavanya

2nd - Lilly J

3rd - Aaron

Year 5-

1st - Lexie

Joint 2nd - Oisin and Zan

Year 4-

Joint 1st - Teigan, Lucy and Mayeesha

Year 3-

1st - Kyle

2nd - David

3rd - Taylor

Year 2-

1st - Ava

2nd - Dylan

3rd - Georgie

Year 1-

1st - Daisy

2nd - Rakshit

3rd - Lexie-Jay